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The Birth of Sonic Journey Experience

Dear Beautiful Beings,
I am so excited to announce the rerelease, remixed and remastered
 "The Sonic Journey Experience" 
This work (A Symphonic Journey through Sound and Silence) was originally composed in 2010-11 and that year I vividly remember being on a quest.
A quest for Answers, a quest for Truth a quest to find out what was beyond-
It was indeed my awakening. 
 Who am I? And Why exactly am I here? And how can my gifts or my life be of service?
I had released an album the year prior called Daimon which was a deeply cathartic musical healing experience for me. It allowed me to see through my own music and songs the chronic health conditions I was living with and the correlation to the relationship at the time, the deep sadness in my heart and the beliefs and conditions I had accepted that were not for my highest good.  It was also the impetus for me to face my own demons or the darkness that I was suppressing which could no longer be hidden.  
These parts of me were The Shadow side- We ALL have one. 
And adventuring through these dark crevices allows one (if authentically willing and open) to touch the soul- THE SOUL SOUL- THE God Part of Us that many of us are programed from a young age to ignore. I also reacquainted myself with meditation as a way to explore, uncover and find some reprieve. 
Those were some seriously challenging years 2007-2010; C-section, postpartum depression, contracting two tick-bourne illnesses, memory loss, neurological damage, mononucleosis and then miscarriage, house robbery, and being hit by a car!
 What is a girl to do but to STOP, CRY and look for the TRUTH. 
But Not some superficial bandaid answer to make me feel OK but Why was all this happening to me? And what if all of these things were wake up calls for me to finally listen to my soul; my body was just the messenger.  
Again, We are powerful beings, We CREATE positively or negatively but we are ALWAYS creating. 
And the more powerful you are the bigger the creations. 
And sometimes mine were not always beautiful. 
So years later in 2011 I birthed 
"The Sonic Journey" - 
A Symphony for the Soul 
Comprised of many years of research on sound & music and its effects on consciousness and evolution, healing, expansion and activation.  I knew without a doubt this was my path. It was a combination of my passion for music, interest in energy and consciousness and service to God and Mother Earth. SOUND Center (the actual chapel) was just part of the journey. 
It taught me HOW to serve and offered me a WAY. 
This new year 2019 the year for Expression, Creation and Manifestation 
I will be rebirthing the musical work that I poured my heart into as much as SOUND Center. 
The Sonic Journey -A  Symphony for the Soul a 50 minute journey that when practiced in the privacy of your own home can have profound effects.

~Deep Relaxation and altering brain waves

~Reprogramming of your Subconscious mind.

~Chakra balancing with toning and activation frequencies

~Powerful visualization 

~Opening of the pineal gland for increase psychic awareness, intuition, inspiration and inner vision. 

~And much more.

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Always listen to the SOUND of your Soul



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